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To promote and engage in scientific and environmental research and education, intercultural understanding, and humanitarian assistance. 


To engage in marine data collection to be utilized in environmental and scientific studies.

To educate students and the general public concerning environmental and scientific issues through classroom, public, and other presentations, as well as excursions and internet feeds.

To engage in domestic and international cultural and scientific outreach and exchange activities through classroom, and other  presentations, as well as excursions and internet feeds.

To gather, Transport, and deliver humanitarian relief supplies to domestic and international communities in need. 

Initially, this organization will conduct three prorams.   The organization has unlimited access to several  vessels . Blue water sailing and power boats. As well as smaller shallow water coastal craft, . enabling activities to be conducted in deep and also shallow, coastal water.  We also have access to dockage and staging areas.

Programs: The Citizen Sailor Program

                      The Self- Sunficency Program

                       The Wave Of Hope Program

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